Businesswoman says that blogs like femme de menage bordeaux have as much potential as the Gaucho people of Latin America

Luna Laird lived in South America, mostly in Argentina for about a decade and that’s where she observed that Gaucho people that mostly live in Argentina and Uruguay have a great potential if given a chance. Luna says that the governments of developed nations like Denmark and Canada should offer them the citizenship to live and reside their own countries and then see how much they remove the scarcity of the population in the island of Greenland and Canada. Luna says that the second generation of Gaucho people when born/raised in Canada will turn the Canada into a superpower like the USA and when born/raised in Greenland will turn the Denmark and Greenland combined into the strongest and unparalleled nation in the western and eastern Europe combined.

Luna loves to read and she attributes a lot of her personal and business success to the books. Luna says that her public speaking skills improved a lot after going through the book called ‘Complete Public Speaker’ by Gyles Brandreth.  Luna’s relationship with her husband became very sweet after she completed reading ‘How to love and be loved’ by Dr Paul Hauck. Dr Paul Hauck’s book ‘How to Bring up your child’ also successfully helped Luna raise her 3 kids. Luna says that when she was going through the most stressing and tough time of her life. She went through Dr Vernan Coleman’s ‘Stress and Your Stomach’. Luna stopped drinking alcohol after she completed reading ‘No Thanks! Saying No to Alcohol and Drugs’ by Erainna Winnett.

Luna’s company partly manufactures and wholesales garden spades, garden sickles, garden hoes and garden trowels. One of Luna’s regular and major clients recently told Luna about how he won 10 million USD applying the tips and tricks that he learnt with a complete gambling blog that goes by the name femme de menage bordeaux on different gambling websites.

Businesswoman bought a Volga and a Lada with the money she won with FIFA55

Monique Atkins is a businesswoman who has traveled around the world for her business. Monique believes that the cars in the small neighboring country of India – Nepal are ridiculously expensive. According to Monique, Russia still builds the best aircraft-carriers no matter how much the other countries try to pretend that they build the best of those.

Monique says that e-commerce is going to disappear from India as only a few minor companies have made a minor profit since the dawn of the e-commerce industry in India. Monique is amazed that eBay has already left India, Amazon has been suffering losses each quarter, Amazon never had a single profitable quarter since it started doing business in India which was about 4 years ago, one of the Flipkart’s founders has sold all its shares and withdrawn his role as the CEO from the company, clothing specific companies – Myntra and Jabong got sold out to Flipkart a few years ago, Shopclues only had a couple of profitable years which was long ago.

Monique is very critical of democracy in most Asian countries but she was astonished when she noticed that the top ministers in a so-called democratic and the most developed nation of Asia – Japan, don’t even listen to the ground level party workers and politicians.

Monique says that the once India’s largest city of Calcutta which is now called Kolkata doesn’t even deserve to be called a metropolitan city now. Monique says that there was a time when Kolkata used to be popular for it Jute industry but today it is only popular for its prostitution industry. Monique noticed and observed and that the women are sold there like peanuts and at the prices that one cannot even imagine.

Monique says that Russian cars and ships both are extremely durable and tough. She recently bought a 1970s Volga and 1980s Lada with the money that she won with FIFA55 applying the tips and tricks that she learnt from a blog called

Pottery wholesaler bought a Kia Stinger with those online gambling Rubles

Bibian Jane is a pottery wholesaler who believes that the African nation called Chad is determined to be the most powerful and richest African nation ever. She says that the people and government of Chad have figured all the ways that they could to use their nation being landlocked as a power instead of a weakness.

Bibian is a coffee lover and can never get enough of the same. She says that the coffee never gives her any sort of a crash but instead keeps her energetic until the dusk and she can never understand what people mean when they say that drinking coffee gives them any sort of a crash.

Bibian has always said that multinational companies like coca-cola and Pepsi shouldn’t be allowed to keep their ingredients a secret.

Bibian lived in developing countries for a long while and she was amazed to find that there are no laws against the spam callers in most developing countries which results in many road accidents every day.

Bibian is very critical of the pharmaceutical companies regarding which she says that science which is originally a study of knowledge and has nothing to do with the beliefs has found its own beliefs like there is no cure to the diabetes, blood pressure issues, etc since the multinational corporations entered into the scene.

Bibian is also very critical of the alchemists. According to Bibian, “Practicing alchemy is extremely dangerous as it is merely based on expectations, hopes and stupid ideas than the real knowledge. Bibian knows several people that injured themselves badly physically due to the practice of alchemy.”

Bibian recently bought a Kia Stinger with the money that she won with online gambling using the things that she learnt with online gambling blogs including col2000.

Her only passive income source is DominoQQ with the help of which she bought a tissue box company just last month

Rasma Cimen acted as a guide to late diplomat Mr Kofi Annan when he visited Croatia. Before working for the Croatian government, Rasma used to work for a civil aviation company.

Rasma likes to do a lot of research on the cultures, traditions, progress, development and other things of different nations and continents. Rasma says that Australians are the most creative people and Australia is the country that has the greatest potential to become another superpower after the USA.

Rasma’s mother used to be a teacher and most of her students used to be either Swedish or Australian. She always said that the Swedish children are very disciplined and not wild like the Australian ones.

Rasma says that it is a myth created by the Hindu fundamentalists and Hindu nationalists that the medieval India had tons of gold and diamonds, all it had was arable land and nothing else. Rasma believes that the Hindu fundamentalists are worst than the fanatic Muslims.

Rasma claims that the Indian royals used to be the most atrocious people on the planet earth and the village of Kuldhara in Rajasthan is just one example.

Rasma did a lot of research on the different tribes of Africa as well and she says that more than 70% of the people of Bantu tribes don’t even know what an email is.

About China, Rasma says that this nation which once used to be full of opium addicts has definitely progressed a lot but one thing that she cannot understand about it is that the most Chinese men don’t believe in divorce but women do.

Rasma really believes in the power of passive income and her source of passive income has been a trusted DominoQQ agent (agen dominoqq terpercaya) for the past 3 years. Rasma made enough passive income with her source to inaugurate a tissue box company of her own in the February of this year.

Automotive engineer buying a Tesla Model S with the gambling money speaks a lot for itself

Monique Benton lived in Havana, Cuba for over a decade and she claims that the Cuban cigar is one of the biggest scams that ever happened on earth. She says that the Cuban cigars are extremely overrated and overpriced and a Marlboro is better than a Cuban cigar any day for her.

Monique’s brother – Mickey is an automotive engineer who says that Germany’s iron and steel is no match to its Scandinavian counterparts but the opposite is true when it comes to the engineering. Mickey says that the Jaguar, Land Rover or Volvo could never compare to the Mercedes, Audi or BMW when it came to the engineering but Volvo cars’ steel quality was the best thing about it and now when 90% of the Volvo cars are made in the Republic of China, it is not worth to buy a Volvo, it is best to stick with the German cars. Mickey says that if Jaguar starts buying steel for its car from Norwegian or Swedish company, it can increase its sales multifold.

Mickey says that it is his personal experience and observation that the tall people are great leaders and have a quality of taking along the common people together whereas short people are brilliant thinkers and strategists.

Mickey claims that Christine Lagarde – the MD and Chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a secret investor in several Japanese CVT companies including some of the top ones. He says that she is so corrupt that nobody has an idea about how much money she made with working at IMF.

Mickey says that having worked with so many different top companies, he believes that the modern multi-billion dollar businesses aren’t as responsible towards the society as their previous counterparts.

Having worked for automotive companies for the most of his life, Mickey claims that the mechanics make more money that most think or believe.

Mickey recently bought a Tesla Model S with the money that he won with FIFA55 betting which he believes that he couldn’t if he weren’t a regular reader of blogs like cittaslow seferihisar.

Martial arts instructor is using her command in Thai language for placing bets

Irma Bucak is a martial arts instructor who has a funny belief that the Southeast Asian people’s culture of clapping so much and clapping the loudest is the reason why this region of the world is one of the poorest. Irma literally believes that the act of clapping reduces creativity, passion and ambition for everything pro-life. When asked “Why if the people of this region are so anti-life are the largest in population?” Irma replied that there are two reasons behind this fact, the first one being that Southeast Asia has always been the most perfect land for agriculture and that’s the reason why so many tribes from all across the world traveled here throughout the history and settled down here forever, the second reason is that when the act of clapping steal away the passion and fun from life, the only way that people have to enjoy life is through sex otherwise they become suicidal and that’s the principal reason why the people of this region breed like rabbits.

Irma completed her martial arts training at Bangkok, Thailand and along with taking training in martial arts, she learnt the Thai language as well there. Irma has been making the complete use of her command in the Thai language with learning gambling tips and tricks from top Thai gambling blogs like sport equipment standards.

Irma is married to a cosmetic dentist and she never shows any objection to the requirement of her husband’s profession where he has to go too close to the mouth of the beautiful women that come to him for treatment but she doesn’t like her husband’s old habit of forgetting their wedding anniversary, his own birthday, Irma’s birthday and other important dates.

Irma’s husband claims that brushing your teeth has long-term bad effects but using Mouth Wash is beneficial instead. He recommends using Mouth Wash instead of toothpaste and toothbrush to all his patients.

People belonging to the lower castes in India are lied that the iron or steel business is destructive, says a FIFA55 winner and astrologer

Marwa Breza is an amateur jack of all trades who claims that the Japanese people share the same DNA as the aboriginal people of the Australian continent. Marwa says that the Japanese and the Australian aboriginal people used to be one people during the ice age. Marwa rejects the theory and belief that the Japanese people are a Chinese tribe and she says that she can prove her theory to be a fact with the DNA tests.

Professionally, Marwa is an astrologer and a Feng Shui consultant who believes that the iron and steel businesses turn out to be the most profitable sort of business if their headquarters are located at some area where the monsoon is rampant otherwise they fail. Marwa says that almost all the prehistoric and ancient Hindu people knew it and the modern India Brahmins also do the same and that’s why so many Hindu Brahmins are involved in the steel and iron business whereas the Hindu people belonging to the other castes prefer to stay away from any business that has anything to do with iron or steel.

Marwa lived in India for quite a while and she had several funny, some positive and many negative experiences there. Marwa says that it is funny that an average Indian thinks that he/she is superior to a person of Chinese origin just because they are comparatively taller. Marwa also says that every Indian claims to be the son or daughter of the soil but when given a chance to migrate to another country, he/she doesn’t even give a second thought whether he should stay in India anymore.

Marwa recently won a nine hundred thousand American dollars with FIFA55 gambling using the tips and tricks that she learnt with a blog called Omaha parents of multiples. Marwa is still confused as to what to do with the amount she won.

Coffee lover got an idea while sipping that coffee which turned her life around

Candy Klose is a coffee lover who never gets tired of repeating that a chemically produced caffeine is no match to the real and natural sip of coffee.

Candy’s husband is a cable operator whose company guarantees uninterrupted transmission service or money back.  Candy herself used to be a travel agent who turned into a cafe chain owner within the past few months. Candy always wanted to start a coffee shop of her but becoming a cafe chain owner was nothing less than a dream come true for her, thanks to FIFA55 gambling and superb gambling blogs like Venice Foursquare Church.

Candy is a think-tank who needs one or another topic to think about, Candy wonders why older people have more foot ulcers and why nail conditions and dry skin go together.

Candy’s sister – Koko is a small toy company owner whose target market is mainly kids between 3-6 years old. Koko is a believer in god with her own bizarre ideas about the creation and other similar stuff, Koko claims that it took the god 2 entire weeks to design the landscape of the earth. Koko says that moon is the daughter of the planet Sun and Jupiter. Koko has an unbelievably colorful past as she even worked as a nude model for a while and she loved it but after giving birth to 4 kids, her body is not apt for nude modeling but she has been trying hard to get back into her beloved profession.

Koko says that she wishes if she could go back to the Syria and locate the four kids that started the Syrian crisis. Koko says that the leader of those kids is really her hero and she wishes if every kid could be that brave.

Linda Zelenkova bought 20 different battery operated ride on cars for her son with the money she won with bets

Linda Zelenkova (name changed) is not a daughter or wife of a chairman of the board of directors of a major company but last week she bought a company that manufactures batteries for scooters and motorcycles. Linda is not a heiress or married or dating a sugar daddy but she bought her son 20 different models of battery operated ride on toy cars with GPS tracker installed in each of those. Wanna know how it all happened? Linda won 2 million Euros with Greek betting companies (stoiximatikes etairies) over a period of 3 weeks.

Linda is a car enthusiast with a love for Japanese cars. Linda says that Suzuki is one of the most underrated car manufacturers in the western world. Linda says that Suzuki’s engines are peppier and their cars are more reliable than Honda and Nissan. Linda says that there is a reason why 50 out of 100 cars in India are Suzuki.

Linda knows several people that are already in the automobile business and also many who want to get into it. Linda knows a Chinese businessman who is confident that one day he will own one of the topmost Chinese car manufacturing companies. He says that he is going to name his automobile company – Zhongguo Zhizao (meaning made in China) inspired by the name of Nissan which means made in Japan in the Japanese language. Linda says that the Chinese version of the made in China doesn’t sound smooth as the Nissan and it alone can prove to be fatal for the company, at least in the markets/countries outside China.

Linda says that she has the secret information that Fiat has taken an oath to destroy the Japanese cars and get its legacy back which Linda says that she is sure never going to happen.

Raven Moroder is yet to visit California but she’s been making thousands of dollars with the help of a blog called California Visit

Raven Moroder (name changed) is a homeopathic doctor who has won several prizes for coming up first in fast-typing contests. Raven says that Turks are the fastest typists that she has ever come across although none of those could ever beat Raven in a competition.

Raven once got involved into selling synthetic leather bags online but she took a vow to never sell those again after facing huge losses.

Raven makes more money winning bets on FIFA55 websites than she does with her homeopathic practice. She attributes her online gambling success to blogs like California Visit.

Raven’s husband – Saulo is a military veteran who currently runs his own wheelchair company. He has been obsessed with the different religions of the world lately. Saulo claims that the Kashmiri Pandits of India are the lost Jewish tribes and the world Kashmir where they used to live before their exodus has its origin in the word Kasher or Kosher of the Yiddish language.

Saulo says that he has read in several Islamic texts that before the advent of the Islam, the color of the sun used to be a bit darker than it is now. Saulo believes this theory and belief with nothing to back it up other than a few books.

Saulo claims that the earth used to be flat before the rise of the Prophet Muhammad and the flat earth theory in the bible is true.

Saulo says that the most popular cricketer of India at the moment and the captain of the National Indian cricket team – Virat Kohli wants to convert to Islam but his wife – Anushka Sharma, a Brahmin (the highest caste according to Hinduism) wouldn’t let him and hence he is doing nothing about it because he doesn’t want his marriage to end so early.

Saulo says that the spiritual people hate taking their photographs no matter how good looking they are.

Fashion magnate enjoyed a trip to the developing countries with the money she won with FIFA55 betting

Alberta Bourd (name changed) is a fashion magnate obsessed with pastel colors. Alberta has always been obsessed with India and its spirituality. Alberta recently went on a trip to several different countries with the money that she won betting on FIFA55 gambling websites with the help of tricks and tips that she learnt with the blog called fnopl.

About South Africa, Alberta noticed that the people of South Africa believe that the current South African president Cyril Ramaphosa wants to create 7 wonders in South Africa.

When Alberta was in India, she had the opportunity to meet the most infamous guru of India currently – Sadhguru. Alberta asked some of the rarest personal questions to Sadhguru starting with 1. Have you been living a life of celibacy since your wife passed away? To which Sadhguru replied “I have been living a celibate life for the past 10 years but I struggled with celibacy before that”. 2. When did you hit puberty? Sadhguru replied “Perhaps at the age of 14 but I masturbated for the first time when I was 17 to the pictures of the Bollywood actresses – Zeenat Aman and Rekha.” 3. Do you believe that interracial breeding produces better kids than the same race breeding? Sadhguru replied “I believe so, I have noticed some of the most talented, smart, good-looking and hard-working people are the result of interracial breeding, for example – Steve Jobs, Kabir Bedi, Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bedi and many others. 4. Is hitting puberty at a later age better than hitting it early? Sadhguru replied “It is quite subjective. I have seen some of the most productive people that hit it earlier than most others, for example – men that hit puberty at age 11 and women that hit puberty at the age of 9. And I have also seen some of the most productive, talented and skilled people that hit it later, for example, a man that I wouldn’t name, he hit the puberty at the age of 19 and his story is one of that from the rags to the riches.”

Alice Baksa left her 9-5 job since she learnt how bitcoin casinos can make money for her so that she can focus on inventing technology and writing books

Alice Baksa (name changed) together with Joe De Sena of Spartan Race and Death Race is on a mission to create trousers that can fly. Alice has already quit her 9-5 job to work on her dreams since she got a secret of multiplying her money called Bitcoin Casino USA. Alice believes that constant innovation is the requirement of every company and individual. Alice likes to give the example of Bajaj which was the first automaker in the Indian subcontinent but is now struggling.

Alice has several ex-CIA agents in her family and along with working on several other projects, Alice is busy writing a book on the conspiracies unveiled to Alice by her relatives. Alice has a huge respect for the CIA agents and she says that the CIA agents are some of the most productive people in the world.

In her book, Alice is writing about how the Quindt family is currently the most influential German family in the secret society aka Bilderberg society aka Illuminati. Alice is also writing about how the Aliens killed Rajeev Motwani (one of the three founders of Google and mentor to Sergey Brin and Larry Page). Alice is writing that the Aliens didn’t even have an idea that there are 2 other founders/partners working on creating Google. Alice is writing that the real founders of Google are the aliens that killed Mr Rajeev Motwani who found the technology by accident which infuriated the aliens very much.

Alice is writing in her book that the 9/11 was done by Russia to indulge the USA into a war with the Islamic world which is bound to destroy the USA economy and USA’s prestige.

One of Alice’s uncles worked as a spy in Iraq for years and she told her that the Kurds of Iraq although persecuted and supposedly weak are busy creating their own aircraft.

Fiat Automobiles winded up from India but Audrey Drucker couldn’t care less as she has got Steve Chu

Audrey Drucker (name changed) cares more about what the random strangers on the streets, in the club, in the shopping malls like to see than what her husband  does. Audrey always wear clothes that show her cleavage and the round shape of her ass as much as possible.

Audrey is the daughter of the chief of a land-owning tribe. Audrey has many family members in the politics. It is a culture in South America where many Union Ministers are feudal warlords.

Audrey says that commonwealth games should be renamed as commonslave games as the commonwealth games are primarily played by the countries that were once a part of the British empire. Audrey says that she cannot even imagine how some nations can be so stupid to participate in such games. Audrey then says that no wonder if they weren’t so stupid, they couldn’t have become slaves so easily.

Audrey’s husband – Martin owns a ship repairing company in Bahrain. Audrey herself works at a Uranium company even though she can buy the company.

One of Audrey’s best friends is one of the biggest shareholders in the Fiat Motors company who has been tossing and turning trying to sleep since Fiat winded up from India. This friend of Audrey is an Administrative Executive for a local newspaper and looking at her position, Audrey believed that she was so smart but turned out that she wasn’t. Once this friend of Audrey posted naughty lingerie party pictures of a girl in her newspaper without her permission and got into a big trouble. It is amazing how after that she got out of that trouble and that made Audrey believe that she is one of the smartest women on earth but Audrey isn’t going to believe her anymore.

Audrey has been reading Steve Chu day and night for the past couple of weeks believing that it will soon make her a fortune just like it did to many others.

People of the coastal cities are more affluent and love online gambling more than their non-coastal counterparts

Lacey Couture (name changed) is a French woman from Toulouse who claims that the Germany and Hungary had no concept of written history until lately.

Lacey has always been obsessed with Indian mythologies and religion. Lacey claims that Australia used to be a part of India during the Ramayana era and the Rama and Sita lived at Mount Kosciusko during Vanvas (banishment times).

Lacey lived in Saudi Arabia for 34 months. Lacey jokes that Saudi Arabia could have been the greatest exporter of wool if they didn’t eat lambs so much. Lacey says that the government of Saudi Arabia wants to copy IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology) but due to the pride the government of Saudi Arabia isn’t doing so.

Lacey lived in different parts of the Indian subcontinent to fulfill her fantasy of romance with the Indian subcontinent. Lacey says that the popular cottage industry of India is almost a history now. Lacey also says that the Indian and Pakistani farmers have the most obsolete technology and they can’t compete in the international market.

Lacey shares common interest with her husband when it comes to the alcohol, gambling and sports. They both love Scotch whiskey, online football betting, and football and rugby. Their most favorite online betting websites are Football League Agent188 (agen bola liga188).

Lacey remembers enjoying group workouts with her newly made female friends in Bangkok, Thailand. Lacey says that most Thai VIPs in Bangkok, Thailand have white bodyguards.

One of the things that Lacey has observed throughout her life is that the people that live by the ocean are more intelligent, broad-minded and pro-life. Lacey says that the communities that live by the ocean have lesser suicide rates and are generally richer. She gives the examples of the coastal cities of Karachi and Mumbai in the Indian subcontinent to prove herself.

WHO has more women employees than men, Bola88 has more successful people betting on it than the unsuccessful ones

Shams Marley (name changed) is an American who lived in Amman, Jordan for over a decade. Shams claims that the elite of Africa, Middle-East and Indian subcontinent live the richest lives.

Shams says that all the engineering colleges in Jordan are either owned by the politicians or the business people, none of these politicians or business people is an engineer.

Shams has a lot of experience dealing with the metallic and non-metallic minerals. Shams says that the Jews know how to make the best use of non-metallic minerals. Shams says that the atheists and agnostics are less interested in gold than the theists.

Shams is a history student. She has done an extensive study and research on Genghis Khan. She claims that Genghis Khan was castrated when he was in his early teens and all his kids were illegitimate.

Shams has a weakness, she gets haunted by each and every new government policy.

One of the uncles of Shams works at WHO (World Health Organization). He says that women are the dominant gender in WHO. Most women are also on higher positions compared to men in WHO.

Shams’s mother worked and lived in India for 15 years. She says that only 67% of the families in India have a TV set and out of these only 62% have some sort of subscription.

Someone tried to scam Shams’s mother by telling her that he popped out of a worshiping fire and he can destroy or kill anyone with a sight. This faker asked Shams’s mother to give him all the money or he will destroy her, Shams’s mother wrote a complaint to the police but the police took no action at all.

Someone told Shams that successful authors have a very high gambler ratio, since then Shams has been regularly betting on bola88 and winning more than losing as well.

Camila Scerri is a wonderful and charming businesswoman who might look scary or weird to some due to her weird beliefs

Camila Scerri (name changed) gets rejoiced whenever she takes a glimpse of the gold bullions stored in her vault and she takes those glimpses quite too often.

Camila is a successful baseball bat wholesaler who is so greedy that when once she traveled through a hijacked plane, she was more concerned about her personal belongings than her own personal safety.

Camila is not a weird Hindu but she has certain weird Hindu beliefs and beliefs in different gods in Hinduism (perhaps in all of them). Camila has been trying her best to discover/invent a prayer to impress the Lord Indra (equivalent of the Greek God Zeus in Hinduism with many similar traits and relationships), which she claims will be able to make it rain whenever she chants the prayer. She has also been struggling to find out which Hindu god to pray to in order to ask for a stable weather.

Camila has a thing for the French cars but she prefers Dacia over Renault and Peugeot any day because she believes that Dacia cars are Value for Money whereas Renault and Peugeot are a bit over-priced.

Camila sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she claims that Denmark, Norway and Sweden aka the Scandinavia is the real Dajjal. Camila says that the Dajjal wants Islamic and Christian countries to go on a deadly war with each other which these two are already about to. Camila says that the Scandinavian countries’ easy immigration is just a drama to hide their real face. According to Camila, the family law courts around the world are rip-off courts.

Camila has decided to expand her business overseas with the gambling knowledge and tactics she learnt with blogs like Armagh War Memorial which means that we will not get to hear conspiracy theories from her for a while. I don’t know about you but I will definitely miss out on her conspiracy theories.

Diana Rawal has a haircut that looks like Aladdin’s treasure

Diana Rawal (name changed) is a technology and gadget freak who says that efficiency used to be Sony’s forte which it has lost since a new CEO joined in, whom she doesn’t want us to name here.

Diana claims that SUVs soon enough will be as light as hatchbacks and sedans. Diana has a bad news for the ones who expected that SUVs will be as light as the convertibles and the coupes.

Diana claims that she has seen ghosts with the most advanced high voltage LED lights but nobody believes her except me because I have seen those too with my expensive LED head-torch.

Diana owns a company that manufactures potato chips. Diana herself has been having a hard time trying to get rid of her addiction to the spicy chips.

Diana claims that cancer is a myth created by the medical unions to rob the people as much as possible.

Diana is a freelancer who always feels worried and anxious while working because of the abuse she received as a child. Her parents would mentally, emotionally, verbally and physically abuse her all the time.

Diana claims that no teaching, moral, principal, etc can beat the biological drive. Diana knows several incestuous single people in her personal life but none of those is from her family.

Diana claims that British people are the smartest and they still run the world in a very secret way.

Diana has a very funny haircut with very strong gold color which makes it look like Aladdin’s treasure on the head, whenever someone teases Diana saying stuff like “Where’s the treasure?” She replies saying “Yes, on football gambling (judi bola).”

Diana never married or had a boyfriend but she is very active on Tinder. She always prefers men with small dicks over the ones with a large one.

Married 4 women and makes love all the time to them instead of making money, online casinos of Malaysia make money instead for him

Hamia Coleridge (name changed) has a peculiar aptitude for learning new languages. She wears medieval clothes for attention. Hamia says that she wants to become so busy and powerful that even her kids will need to take an appointment from her to meet her.

Hamia claims that most arbitrators all over the world in every field are corrupt.

Hamia’s brother converted to Islam and moved to Malaysia. He is now married to 4 women. His youngest wife is the prettiest one and he calls her Archangel. Hamia’s brother needn’t bother about his financial condition or needs at all as he has got to take care of that.

Hamia recently enjoyed a trip to the Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Jordan. Hamia was there in this region for over 40 days and there she had a quick chat with several Israelites and Palestinians. There she got to learn about several Israelites and Palestinians that were secretly and mysteriously getting disappeared. Hamia believes that ISIS and Hamas together are behind it.

One of Hamia’s brother – Jonathan worked for a cricket organization and he accuses most cricket team captains of being the captains of matching fixing instead. Jonathan says that 92% of cricket matches are fixed.

Hamia’s great-grandmother was the sister of the founder of the first car magazine ever – Autocar. The family later moved to the US from the Great Britain.

Hamia’s husband – Harrison has been working on building a computerized aquarium which he claims will not need any sort of human labor at all and will completely be operated by the computer.

Harrison only buys and uses red colored mobile phones due to a superstition and a belief that the color red gives him creative energy.

Harrison drives a 1981 Trabanto to show his likeness, fondness and respect for the Communism.

Broke Bria Paget got advised by her millionaire ex-navy officer brother to bet online to become wealthy

Bria Paget (name changed) is an amateur scientist who claims that the concept of Solar System is not adequate enough and one of the biggest blunders ever in the history of science.

Bria’s one and only brother – Brian is an ex-navy officer who currently manages his own chain of Maritime Studies Institute. Brian has a long history of providing job to the needy but when it came to helping his one and only sibling – Bria when she was going through tough times, Brian didn’t give her a job or anything but rather suggested that she starts betting on trusted online casino sites like

Bria has a really big sexual appetite and although she has a 13 year old marriage going and she cannot talk and emphasize enough about how much she loves her husband, she is often found sleeping with the strangers. Bria was even caught thrice with different young gigolos.

Bria is very selective about her vehicles, electronics and wine. Bria drives only Mercedes or Porsche, when it comes to the electronics, she trusts only German brands and when it comes to wine, she only likes Masseto. She can often be found taking a sip of Masseto and betting online on her couch.

One of Bria’s companies manufactures kneecaps, one company of Bria manufactures Wheat grass, Barley Grass and other similar products; all of Bria’s companies have one thing in common and that is that they are all named after flora and fauna in one language or another.

With her absolutely unique elegant frame, soft voice and a sensual way of moving – Bria cannot get enough of intimate dates and night outs.

Once it was so that Bria herself got bored of looking so pretty and attractive all the time so she decided to turn herself ugly by changing her hair color and lots of other different similar stuff but that ended up in making her look even more sexually attractive.

Daughter of a billionaire keeps promoting a betting website on her magazine for free

Iwonka Bathla (name changed) is the daughter of a billionaire whom I wouldn’t name here but I will give one hint that this billionaire only buys chateau styled mansions.

Iwonka is a medical student who claims that the science books taught at high school are nothing but useless bondages, they have no applicability or practicality in the real world.

Iwonka claims that many ancient tribes including Babylonian, Mesopotamian and African used to believe that antelopes were the most nutritious food and their first priority while hunting used to be an antelope.

Iwonka is a fitness freak who works out everyday and rides her bicycle 20 kilometers a day to bring chicken soups home. The roads and streets that come in her way are very high traffic and Iwonka got hit by cars twice but she doesn’t care, she still uses bicycle to travel.

Iwonka loves to read a lot and she reads about almost every topic. Iwonka has read a lot about the yoga and meditation and she is obsessed with achieving the higher states of consciousness. Iwonka claims that the battalions are in the state of turiya during a war and this state of turiya is what made one of the richest men – Osama Bin Laden obsessed with terrorism and battles.

Iwonka claims that the Kurds have a very peculiar military intelligence and that’s why so many enemies are after them fearing their military genius. Iwonka says that Kurds make up the greatest gangsters and Aslan Usoyan aka Grandpa Hassan is just one example.

Iwonka claims that the army chiefs in general are much wiser, intelligent and intuitive than the top politicians.

Iwonka runs a Chicago based magazine where she keeps promoting for free as it made her tons of money.

Catholic Indian youth living in Australia for almost 9 years now and making more money with online casinos than his job

Thomas Ahuja (name changed) is a catholic gentleman of South Indian origin living in Australia for the past 9 years. Thomas came to Queensland, Australia back in 2010 as a student. I met Thomas for the first time in February, 2018 during a party, Thomas for really the life of the party and he kept telling funny stories all the time.

One of the stories that Thomas told was about his father doubting his sexual orientation due to him cuddling one of his friends outside the home for some humor and as a form of gratitude for some favor. Thomas said that his father kept staring at him suspiciously for a couple of weeks until finally asking him once while having dinner “Are you a homosexual?”

Though being a catholic and an Indian, Thomas’s father would never want his son to be a homosexual, but both Thomas and his dad believe that homosexual men are more creative, visionary and enthusiastic when compared to their straight counterparts. They give the examples of fashion designers, musicians, comedians, actors and other professionals to back their claim up.

Thomas claims that he wrote jokes and other script for the most popular, successful and richest Indian comedian and currently the greatest Indian television star – Kapil Sharma, but Kapil Sharma cheated him. Thomas says that Kapil paid Thomas for first 2 years and then kept postponing the payday for 3 months claiming that he is suffering financial problems, until one fine day Thomas decided to cut all his connections with the so-called most successful and greatest Indian comedian ever – Kapil Sharma.

Being of Indian origin, Thomas says that Indira Gandhi was neither a dictator nor a believer in democracy, Thomas says that his grandmother used to tell him that Christians were not given much rights during her regime although Muslims enjoyed tons of those.

Daughter of a legendary plastic tycoon is an online casino millionaire

Ayesha Waghela (name changed) is a very spiritual person who has traveled almost each and every holy site that across the world. Ayesha’s most favorite places to explore are the Hindu and Jewish holy sites. Ayesha says that Mount Sinai shares several similarities with the Mount Kailash.

Ayesha’s father was one of the largest manufacturer of plastic fruit baskets in her country who just passed away last year.

Ayesha reads newspapers occasionally but whenever she does, she is very likely to find an article paying tribute to her legendary father and his contribution to the plastic industry. Ayesha also once read an article criticizing the plastic industry as a part of a propaganda and Ayesha’s dad as a demonic man who is responsible for  popularizing and promoting the plastic made cutlery and being responsible for several of the diseases that the modern people are facing today.

Ayesha’s dad was a strict catholic who wanted Ayesha to become a nun when she grows up. He never got to know that Ayesha bets online and drinks alcohol as well. Ayesha’s dad never even knew about Ayesha’s affairs with young and handsome men before and after her marriage. Ayesha is really extremely good at hiding certain things.

Ayesha has a Bachelor degree in Pharmacology taking advantage of which she has been running a very successful online pharmacy but it is betting on online casinos with the help of casino bonus codes that has been making Ayesha more money than any of her online or offline businesses.

Jawaharlal Nehru was responsible for most of the modern India’s problems and PokerDewa is responsible for most of Gigi’s happiness

Gigi Viktorova (name changed) is an amateur journalist who recently came back from India after learning about that the current government of India and the Indian state/province of Uttar Pradesh is waiting for the Supreme Court of India’s order to destruct the centuries old – Babri Mosque (built by a Mughal emperor and named after the Mughal emperor – Babur). Gigi claims that the Supreme Court of India is going to keep postponing the date for the destruction of Babri Masjid until the 2019 elections at least. She doubts that there will be riots in all over Uttar Pradesh and may be in all over India the day the destruction of Babri Masjid takes place.

Gigi was the first one to criticize the Indian media ethics when the mainstream media of India named a sister of an ISIS terrorist as ‘the terrific sister of a terrorist’. Gigi says that no matter who her brother was, no media has the right to showcase someone innocent and call some ordinary person terrific just because of her good looks.

Gigi accuses Jawaharlal Nehru for being the root and responsible for most of the problems in the current day India including the elimination of the Hindu laws for the Hindus and letting the Muslims practice Islamic marital jurisprudence in India. Gigi says that Jawaharlal Nehru’s sex and smoking addiction really did something to his brain. Gigi says that Syama Prasada Mukherjee couldn’t have been so powerful and popular if Jawaharlal Nehru had shown some intelligence and vision and banned the Islamic marital jurisprudence in India.

Gigi is a Youtube addict but she has been finding it hard to watch videos on Youtube since she has been spending most of her pastime betting on PokerDewa nowadays.

Divas are a conspiracy, car makers are powerful but evil, online gambling using bitcoins is a boon – London Pelas

London Pelas (name changed) is a conspiracy theorist who claims that divas were first hated by the general public but the mainstream media and its owners were determined to push the diva culture and nudity on the general public and transform them into wankers which they got quite successful at after trying and struggling for long. London says that her grandfather used to tell Lindsey’s brothers that we hated bikini girls a lot and found those ugly and vulgar as well.

London is a professional car designer with a degree who claims that Fiat and Jeep stole her design and named it Jeep Renegade. London says that she fears filing a case against the Fiat and Jeep as she believes that she will get killed if she does so, London is a nobody and the group that owns the Fiat, Jeep and Chrysler is extraordinarily powerful. London says that these powerful and evil car manufacturers can be compared to the Ravana or Hiranyakashyap of Hindu mythology. London says that just like the demonic powerful kings of Hindu mythology didn’t let the ordinary people rise up, these car manufacturers are doing the same. London says that paying London for the design that she designed wasn’t the issue for the Fiat, Jeep and Chrysler but looking at the capabilities of London made them fear her. They feared that this young woman can become the next big thing in the car industry.

London is addicted to online gambling and her addiction has only bear her fruits yet, she has an average of winning 2 out of 3 bets and she loves her bets more if they are done using bitcoins gambler.

London loves to read a lot and her favorite book of all time is ‘A Billion is Enough’ by the Indian writer Ashok Gupta.

Ragna Merton claims that she can identify a person with his or her car

Ragna Merton (name changed) claims that the popular auto-journalist Doug DeMoru is a porn and masturbation addict. Ragna claims to have met Doug on several different NoFap websites, discord and slack NoFap help chatrooms. Ragna says that it is unbelievable how addicted this guy is, she says that on one of the discord NoFap help chatrooms – “Realest Men Alive”, Doug confessed about wanking to the women looking at them from their windows just like one of the most popular serial killers of all time – Ted Bundy.

Ragna says that she never wore a pair of RayBan sunglasses in her entire life. Ragna hates RayBan sunglasses so much that she has already wrote over 15 posts on her blog criticizing the RayBan sunglasses. Ragna’s most recent post against the RayBan sunglasses’s title read “RayBan – all talk no show”.

Ragna says that you can identify a man by the kind of car that he drives. Ragna says that the men or women who drive big SUVs are bullies, the men or women that drive lifestyle pick-up trucks are careless big spenders, the ones who drive sporty cars love to enjoy life to the fullest and do not care how much it costs, the ones who drive understated cars like Audi A8, Volkswagen Passat are introvert and workaholic while the ones who drive weird looking cars like Fiat Multipla, Toyota Previa, Stout Scarab, etc are really weird in their overall life and behaviour as well.

Ragna has always been addicted to writing, she left a very good job to pursue a career in writing and ended up being a broke but didn’t give up writing and ultimately found a solution to never work again and keep pursuing her career in writing and that solution is called Situs QQ. Since Ragna started betting on Situs QQ, she never had to go to work again.

One of Evike’s best friends got kicked out of a running F40 by his fiance but Evike couldn’t care less as she won 40k USD with TOTO the same day

Evike Giddings (name changed) is sort of a conspiracy theorist from Depok, Indonesia who claims that the believers of Sikh religion in India will be kicked out from India and the Sikh diaspora will begin. Evike says that it is already mentioned in 5 different Sikh prophecies that the Sikhs will have to go through a diaspora, the previous generation Sikhs knew it and that’s why so many of them migrated to western countries including USA, UK, Germany, Canada and even to some African countries where the GDP per capita is much lower than in Punjab or India.

Evike knows a lot about the Sikhs and the Sikhism because one of her classmates was a Sikh who was her good friend as well. This Sikh friend of Evike recently broke his engagement with her Polish fiance after finding out that she has some mental and/or psychological issues. The surprising thing is that this Sikh guy knew this ex-fiance of his for over 2 years and they were dating for the past 1 year but he only found out about her mental/psychological issues after they got engaged. Evike is a very bold and outspoken person and she didn’t hesitate to ask him about why he only found out about this mental issue of his fiance after the engagement to which he replied “We were traveling together to a fine restaurant in other city in the same state in her Ferrari F40 when we indulged in a friendly argument, I believed the argument was friendly until she kicked me out of her running Ferrari F40 on the way. I couldn’t believe then what just happened to me, that very moment I decided to break up with her.”

Evike knows a lot about the online gambling and she claims that you are bound to win over and over again if you know some trusted TOTO agents (Agen Toto Terpercaya)

Ford’s biggest fangirl is forced to buy a SUV with her UFAbet money since Ford announced “No More Cars”

Emma Adley (name changed) is originally from the Pak Kret city of Thailand and she is married to a Canadian man who speaks English but with a French accent.

Emma’s husband – Charlie is not a fan of communism but he claims that rise of communism is what made the democracy so polished, advanced and dynamic. Charlie says that if there was no competition to the democracy, forget about the democracy that more than half of the world enjoys today. Charlie criticizes the democracy nevertheless but he still claims that no other political system can compete with democracy no matter how bad or corrupt it is.

Emma may have become rich now with the help of ufabet, but she still has a habit of withdrawing all her money out of the bank immediately except the minimum required balance.

One of the sisters of Emma is so obsessed with Israel, although she is not a Jew or a Muslim, that she decided to become a citizen of Israel by working in Israel and marrying a Jewish man there which she finally did. She lives in a hut style mansion by the sea of Galilee and she claims that she still can feel the souls of Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jacob, Jesus and other godsend people living there. She feels like a family in Israel and is not willing to give up her Israeli citizenship for anything in the world.

Emma is so upset with the Ford’s decision and announcement that they will no more make cars except the Mustang. Emma is one of the biggest Ford fangirl and she cannot imagine buying any other car brand. She used to hate crossovers, SUVs and pick-up trucks but now she has no other way than to either choosing another car brand or buying a crossover, SUV or a pick-up truck. I guess she will go with the option of choosing a Ford crossover or SUV although she hates to drive those.

The journey of a thousand wins begins with a single win – Araminta Fadel

Araminta Fadel (name changed) is an immigrant herself in the beautiful and ever-progressing country called Singapore. Araminta acknowledges the fact that topmost countries like the ones in Western Europe, Scandinavia, United States, Canada and Australia would be better off without the immigrants and the immigrants have much lesser to give in exchange for what they are taking.

Being from an Islamic country herself, Araminta ensures the people in the Muslim majority countries think of western people as some evil beings and they think of current modern western civilization as something intrinsically evil.

Araminta says that most people in the Islamic countries when hear the word ‘America’ they think of naked homosexual men and women walking down the streets of the San Francisco and when they hear or think about the word ‘France’ they imagine Muslim immigrant women getting forced to take off their hijabs, chadars and burqas.

While Araminta is not as strict as her Saudi Arabian or Pakistani counterparts, she is of the belief that LGBT freedom is a chronic peril to the civilization. Araminta is of the belief that a straight man and a straight woman who are married and are willing to have children together only are eligible for any sort of sexual intimacy and a gay or lesbian couple’s intimacy doesn’t fulfill that requirement at all.

Araminta also acknowledges that even the topmost scholars of any field cannot be fully trusted. Like most women, Araminta is also skeptical about most of the things. One self-proclaimed scholar that Araminta hates the most is Arundhati Roy from India. Araminta says that the only credential that she has is being the cousin of Indian media tycoon – Pranoy Roy.

Araminta is really enjoying everything that Singapore has to offer and the thing that Araminta has been enjoying the most is the money that she has been winning with data SGP.

Millionaire author still drives only Mercury cars

Lily Freund (name changed) claims that it was the doubting Thomas aka the Saint Thomas – one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ who popularized the notion that Jesus was the son of the god. Lily claims that Thomas never doubted the resurrection of Jesus and it was his conspiracy and an act to make the people believe that Jesus is the son of the god himself.

Lily never bought cars with drum brakes, she only buys them with disk brakes. She says that the word drum has always brung bad luck for her and she is not taking any risk with her brakes.

Lily is an author and she is currently busy writing a book about the similarities between the Yazidi people and the Ashkenazi Jews. Lily claims that Yazidi people are the Khazars that didn’t convert to the Judaism, Christianity or Islam. Lily denies the claim that Yazidi people are the lost tribes of Israel or Zoroastrian people. Lily says that their temple, their looks, their endogamy, their intelligence, everything is very Khazar-like and she has no doubt that these people are the Khazars that didn’t convert to any other religion. She says that the Khazars in the medieval period too never referred to themselves as Khazars but they used their religion always as their identities and not their race or tribe.

Lily says that she has been able to write books freely since she has learnt how to make money blogging.

Lily though a millionaire now, still only drives old Mercury vehicles including Grand Marquis, Cougar, Montego Premier, Milan Premier, and a Mountaineer.

Lily accuses Saudi Arabia of being behind the 9/11 so that the America’s focus could be diverted from Saudi Arabia’s oil after they were done smashing Iraq. Saudi Arabia’s chiefs knew that Saudi Arabia will be the next target of the United States after they are done with Iraq and if you have to believe Lily, the Saudi Arabia’s idea really worked and the United States has since been extensively busy fighting the Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Italian conspiracy theorist – Makayla Bonanno loves Golden Zero Live Roulette

Makayla Bonanno (name changed) gets delighted to find conspiracy in everything. Like recently she wrote on a blog post of hers that Maulana Maududi, a prominent Indian Muslim leader who lived in British India during the British Raj and then migrated to the current day Pakistan after the partition of the Indian subcontinent was a British agent hired to slow down the growing popularity of the two nation theory. Makayla contradicts herself when she says that it was the British who wanted the India to be divided into two parts. The contradiction is quite obvious here – if the British wanted the Indian subcontinent to be divided into two separate parts then why would they hire someone like Maulana Maududi to protest against the partition of India.

There is no denying that Maulana Maududi was a man of a great stature and whatever he said had an effect on millions of Muslims. Makayla sees a larger conspiracy here and she says that Maulana Maududi’s job was to keep half of the Muslims in dilemma and the rest half stay in India even after the partition so that the British can keep the secular India always weak and confused. Makayla says that the conspiracy was to carve out another Muslim nation from inside of India whenever the British feel like it. Makayla says that several more Islamic nations can be carved out of the modern day India and she won’t be surprised if it happens by 2023. Makayla says that the nation states are haram in Islam but still the white people have brainwashed the Muslims in such a way that they have forgotten about their glory of Khilafat and happily living according to the rules of the nation states.

Makayla is even more delighted when she gets to play Golden Zero Live Roulette without any worries or tension. Right after writing a post on her blog, she plays Golden Zero Live Roulette most of the times.

Enjoying a vacation to India and buying a Lamborghini Urus is no big deal with Hongkong Pools money

Ethel Cardozo (name changed) still gets flashbacks about some certain events that happened in her childhood and it drives her crazy but she is not willing to tell about those events to anybody, we can only guess what they were.

Ethel recently traveled to India to enjoy vacations and did her best to inquire whether all the exaggerated Hindu mythologies are based on facts or they are mere myths. After meeting the Hindus in India, she can confirm that the Hindu myths are mere myths and have nothing to do with the reality. Ethel wanted to go to Pakistan instead but changed her mind after learning that a six year old in Pakistan was recently tried for blasphemy in Pakistan. Ethel was really scared to learn this and decided that she will never go to Pakistan in her life.

Ethel was one of the first in her country to buy the long awaited Lamborghini Urus, thanks to live draw Hongkong Pools.

Ethel used to live in a cheap neighborhood before finding this goldmine called live draw Hongkong Pools and she used to be regularly persecuted and envied because of her extraordinary and exotic beauty by both men and women.

Being a Jew by birth, Ethel has some harsh things to say about the Jews and the Jewish religion. Ethel claims that all the ancient Jewish traditions were occult practices in disguise and it is evident from the ancient Jewish and biblical tales. Ethel says that Jews being a treacherous people is evident from them borrowing the name for themselves from someone like Jacob. Ethel says that Jacob aka Israel had nothing in him that the Jews or anybody else can learn from, he would be in prison if he did what he did in the modern times.

Cecca drinks grape wine regularly, takes ashwagandha, supports feminism and makes a lot of money with her online gambling network

Cecca Manduca (name changed) drinks grape wine before making love to her husband and her husband eats grapes before the same, they both claim that doing this increases the pleasure for both of them.

Cecca and her husband are great believers of Hindu philosophy and spirituality. They feed cows everyday because the Hindus say that it brings good luck to the feeder, the most surprising thing is that although they feed cows everyday owing to the Hindu belief yet they eat beef nonetheless.

Cecca and her husband don’t take any sort of dietary supplements and advise others to not take them as well as they say that it is too early to come to a conclusion that they provide any sort of benefits at all. They both say that dietary supplements are more harmful than they are beneficial.

Cecca says that spiders are the most intelligent creatures and there is no other creature that can build a web like a spider does. They both have many pet spiders at their home.

Cecca regularly takes Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) with milk because she says that she needs that extra amount of dopamine and endorphins in her brain to make the best out of her day and career success. Cecca is a huge success and she made millions within a short amount of time with her online gambling network, read more to know how.

Cecca says that even after so much feminism, feminist campaigns, volunteerism, and efforts, women still tolerate a lot of violence and somebody should do something about it.

Cecca’s husband has a completely different opinion on this topic, he says that no matter how empowered women are, the feminists will find one subject or another to exploit the men and act as victims. Cecca’s husband says that the feminists are addicted to complaining and playing victims.

Despite of their difference in opinion, Cecca and her husband have a wonderful chemistry and they love each other too much.

Tel Aviv born and raised international dancer made millions being her own booster

Chava Leib (name changed) was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Chava is a very kind and hot lady who has a habit of never rushing on anything significant. She is very lovely, bubbly and talkative too.

Chava used to be a dancer in her younger days and she remembers dancing in a Russian movie behind the lead actress in a scene but unfortunately, even stellar performers are paid only dimes for their amazing performances in Russia. Chava caused a sensation in Russia with her dance performance, gestures and looks; she gained more fame than the lead actress in Russia after that performance, she was offered more jobs as a dancer but for mere pennies which Chava rejected. “Russia and Russians don’t know how to appreciate an artist”, Chava claims.

While Chava was in Russia, she was in this cab that met an accident with a SUV. The owner of the SUV came out of his SUV, grabbed the cab driver out of his cab and started beating him, the taxi driver fought back and while all this was happening, Chava was crying and screaming like a baby. After seeing Chava crying, the SUV owner left the cab driver and went his way. Chava’s experience in Russia was truly horrible.

Chava regularly participates in bicycle races. She also does yoga Bikram Chaudhry style.

Chava is her own booster, she doesn’t need anyone else to boost her mood, enthusiasm or motivation. Recently, Chava made millions by reading online gambling tricks on fitjung and applying those on FIFA55 websites to know how and she was her own booster even then.

Chava was born to Ukrainian-Jewish parents who moved to Israel after the Israeli Declaration of Independence.

Transformed 1000 Dollars to 300000 Dollars within 100 Days


Edwina and Anushka are two friends who worked at Sheri’s Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, Nevada for over 4 years. Both the friends are young, Edwina is 24, while Anushka is 25. Anushka’s parents immigrated to the United States when she was only 4. Anushka’s father was an alcoholic and passed away when she was only 20. Edwina comes from what they call a “hillbilly” family in the US.

Edwina and Anushka are both beautiful and they enjoyed working at the Sheri’s Ranch Brothel. But they wanted to achieve what they call the American dream and this ride was too slow for them to reach there.

Edwina and Anushka wanted to start their own brothel too badly. Edwina comes from a Catholic family and hence she never gambled ever before even though she lived in Nevada all her life. Anushka comes from India where the gambling isn’t considered too bad and the whole family sits and gambles together in the month of their greatest festival ‘Deepavali’.

Anushka suggested Edwina that is a great way to multiply their money and soon enough they will be able to start their own brothel if everything goes as per her plan. Edwina first resisted but then she complied with Anushka’s advice.

They both started investing in their own gambling website with US Dollar 1000 and they swore that they won’t add a penny to these 1000 US Dollars to gamble with. Their aim was to double the gambling amount every night and they succeeded in it. Within 100 days, they converted these 1000 US Dollars into 300, 000 US Dollars. Their aim is to make 2 million US Dollars and then start a world-class brothel. Let’s wait to see whether they will be able to achieve their goal of owning their own brothel or not. In my opinion, they will be. If they start their own brothel, what would they name it, that’s the question.

Proud Jewish-American woman wants infidels to be punished and gambling to be legalized everywhere

Neena Mogilevich (name changed) was born to a Ukrainian Jew father and a Serbian mother in Montpelier, Vermont back in the January of 1986. In the Serbian culture, they strongly believe that a girl child born in the month of January is lucky one for the family and also a strong one. The Ukrainians or Jews do not have anything to say regarding the same.

Neena is a very strict Orthodox Jew and she dismisses the popular belief that if a child is born out of a Jewish mother then only he/she will be considered a Jew. Neena says that she is half Jew by blood and a full one by spirit. The feeling that being a chosen one gives Neena is something that Neena claims she can die for. She cannot imagine living thinking of herself as an ordinary woman, she is now addict to the belief that she is a chosen one, her father always told her that she is 100% Jew in order to raise her confidence while she was growing up and it worked even better than what her father expected.

Neena wants the infidels to be punished by the law in Israel and she has written letters to the Israeli government and many blog posts regarding the same on her own blog.

Neena values her time a lot and does her best to save time and that’s why she always has a second countdown timer on her iPod. One of the times when Neena switches that countdown timer off is when she bets online, she doesn’t like to be disturbed then or she puts it off when she is reading something serious regarding gambling on one of her favorite gambling related blogs like state champs.