From a gas station worker to a Indonesian Rupiah Billionaire – Putu Sindoro is really crushing it

Putu Sindoro (name changed) recently visited Mount Olympus with his family. Putu Sindoro is an uneducated, unskilled Indonesian gentleman who was born to middle-income parents in the small city of Mataram in the Indonesian province of West Nusa Tenggara.

Putu Sindoro’s father gave divorce to his biological mother when Putu was 2 and Putu was raised by his stepmom whom he likes to call step-monster. Putu claims that his stepmother was a lunatic and because she was infertile, she used to envy Putu a lot. He also claims that his stepmother did some of the most atrocious things to him that have made a profound and permanent impact on his brain and because of those he is unable to make human relationships smoothly. He has become an introvert person and it is very hard for him to decide what to tell others and what not.

Putu didn’t complete his high school and he started working at a gas station when he was only 15. After he turned 19, he left his father’s house and moved to Jakarta. He didn’t make any contact with his father or stepmother ever since.

Putu kept working at odd and small jobs till he got an internet connection. Putu initially bought the computer and the internet connection in order to relax after coming back from work but soon enough he started using his computer and internet to make some extra buck after the work. Putu was solving captchas and doing petty jobs on the internet as well until he came across a big beautiful neon advertisement about PKV Games 99. Putu had only 200 US Dollars in his bank account at that time and the game required an initial 99 USD to start. Putu decided to give it a shot and he won. Yes, Putu WON! Putu couldn’t believe what he saw and he got such a huge adrenaline rush with him winning that he would come back from work each day, play PKV Games 99 and wouldn’t go to sleep until he doubled his money. Since then, it has been like that with Putu.

Spiritual, wise, energetic, intelligent and courageous but couldn’t find a conventional method to be a millionaire

Kuwat Kong (name changed) is an Indonesian businessman with several allies. Kuwat Kong’s father used to be one of the most favorite disciples of the popular lead pastor of GBI Rock Church, Ambon – Chris Manuel Manusama. Kuwat Kong himself is a very spiritual person partaking in several spiritual practices regularly. But more than spirituality, Kuwat loves materialism.

Kuwat is a very knowledgeable person and he knows a lot about almost every significant subject. Kuwat loves to read Wikipedia and other such sources than books. Kuwat hates to read fictional stuff but his wife is just the opposite.

After even being so knowledgeable, wise, energetic, intelligent and courageous, Kuwat couldn’t find a conventional method to become a millionaire. Kuwat tried his hands in 12 different businesses and he put all his energy, mind, soul and heart in each of those only to suffer losses. It is only when Kuwat discovered bandar poker terbaru that he started making thousands of dollars a day.

Kuwat’s beloved wife also believes in mysticism and magic which Kuwat hates. She regularly performs magic rituals no matter how much her relatives, friends and family hate her for that. She regularly takes Magnesium, Calcium and vitamin D in order to have stronger bones and Kuwat is also against taking supplements until prescribed by a medical doctor. Kuwat and his wife don’t like 99% of each other’s habits but is nothing less than a wonder how well they go together. Their chemistry is marvelous despite all this.

Kuwat and his wife used to be involved in various different musical groups during their teens and they met each other in one of these groups only.